Here’s How Premium Hamilton Managed Hosting Can Get Your Business Senses Tingling

Business people are fond of streamlining things so they can funnel profits back to their companies. If you ask most folks who run a small enterprise or have a sole proprietorship, they understand keeping things simple is the way to more revenue.

Website Tips To Help Small Business Evolve

There is no getting around the need for a good website because today’s business cards are found online. One of the big differences is simple. You needed to find a good printer and graphic artist to get those business cards printed on paper in the brick-and-mortar days

The Importance of Call To Action Buttons on a Website

Once you get a visitor to your website, as a business owner you have one goal. Get them to perform an action. A lot of business owners make the same mistake with their website. They think the best thing for their potential customer or client is to provide them with loads of information. You are right to assume that your visitors will want to know more about your business, but more than anything they will want to know this information within the first 5 seconds on the website. What do they want next? To be told what to do next.

Among Other Things, There Are Many Benefits of Product and Services Pages on Your Website

The biggest mistake that a small business owner will make when planning out the navigation and structure of their website is to do it with their own mindset and knowledge of the industry and business they are trying to promote.  You want to get into the mind of the actual person that will be coming to your website looking for information which is why there are benefits of product and services pages on your website.

Is Your Website Penalized by Google Because it’s Not Mobile Friendly?

If you have a website for your small business, there is a new Google mobile friendly update that could potentially harm your website’s ranking in the search engine. Having your website has been an important factor with websites for a while. The reason for this is that users expect it.

Why Use a Landing Page for Your AdWords Campaign

You have a website that is performing as it should be for your business, but do you have a specific adwords landing page? It is capturing some organic traffic and provides information to those who already know of your business and seek you out. Everything is going “okay”. You may have even done some research to figure out that maybe some online advertising is the best route for your business right now. This is probably a great solution. It could also turn out to be a very costly waste of time if you don’t approach this right.

Get More Traffic To Your Business Website

You have spent a lot of time and money setting up your website for your business. It looks great and you’re confident that it will help you get the sales and clients you need. You launch the website expecting the leads to start coming in, but they don’t. This is a common problem among people setting up a business website. A lot of web design companies will boast true facts about what a website needs in order to make a sale with the traffic that comes to the site. But how do you actually get the visitors to the site?