On-Page Optimization in Hamilton Techniques You Need to Steer Clear From

Any discussion about on-page optimization in Hamilton has two different sides. We are proud to look after they important elements like design, structure and content by using only the best practices. We are the full-service web design company in Hamilton that’s been creating industry-leading word press solutions since 2009.

In that time, we’ve seen the other side of on page optimization too. That means we’ve noticed some companies and small businesses try and cut corners and use what are called Black Hat SEO techniques.

Here’s a few that you will need to steer clear from.

Bad Internal Linking

Internal links are a powerful part of a digital marketing strategy if they are used properly. They connect webpages and put together a pathway for both customers and the search engines to follow.

However, you can fall into the trap of bad internal linking which is called over optimization. Usually, the problem starts when the anchor text is used too many times in an unnatural way. If that sounds a little bit like digital marketing jargon, don’t worry. Here’s a simple way to avoid this issue.

Value to Users

Ask yourself if the link that you’re putting on a webpage provides value to users. Does it follow through on the thought you started? It will need to make sense and flow with the anchor text you are using. Another simple way to avoid this on-page optimization in Hamilton misstep is to decide how often you’re setting links on any particular page. Watch out for too many.

Creating Copycat Pages to Target Keywords  

Thankfully, most marketers don’t use this tactic today. However, it still crops up periodically. It’s never a good idea to put together pages that have similar text for the sole purpose of ranking for keywords.

Here’s an example. If you have two city pages on the same website and use the same keyword, you can wind up with low quality content that can affect your search engine ranking .

Finally, adding any kind of marginal content to your website just to get better rankings usually backfires. Keep in mind that content is still king and you need to write or produce fresh volumes of it that are professional and value added.

We like to keep in mind Google is always highlighting the need for quality content. That’s what we focus on while working through on-page optimization in Hamilton for our clients.

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