Here’s A Keyword Research In Hamilton Checklist

People ask us about our experience with keyword research in Hamilton. We’re happy to tell them we have designed, created, maintained and hosted a variety of successful WordPress solutions for over a decade.

With that kind of experience building customized websites that help businesses to sell, we’ve learned a few things about the ingredients that work.

That’s why we’ve put together a checklist for one of the most important elements — keywords.

  • Get Started With The Right Questions

There are a few ideas you should get out of the way before you start keyword research. Understanding your audience and then having the right data to match those insights up with the right keywords is the first big step. To get those two factors working together you’ll need to ask the right questions. Here’s a few of the ones that will get you started in the right direction.

  • Who exactly are the people searching for the goods and services you are selling? Doing some demographic research helps you to understand your target market and the keywords they’re more likely to use.
  • How are people searching for what you’ve got to sell?
  • What words are they using in searches?
  • What questions are they asking when they’re looking for goods and services?

Keyword research in Hamilton can provide answers to important questions like how many people are searching using a specific keyword. If you’re a business owner, it’s probable that you’ve got a few ideas for keywords in mind that you want to rank for.

These can generally be words specific to your services or products and even your website address. These are called seed keywords and they are another great place to start your research.

  • Juggle Variation

In this discovery phase of your keyword research, you can take these seed keywords and plug them into a keyword research tool. It’s the best way to determine what other ones are popular with your target market.

Using a research tool can help you find other keywords and variations on the ones that you started with. You’ll also be able to see monthly search volumes so you can start juggling the findings to determine the ones that work.

Finally, here’s a little tip from our keyword research in Hamilton team. The search volume for any keyword or keyword phrase is important. The higher the number the more work is involved in getting pages to rank.

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