The ABC’s of Google Analytics in Hamilton

Google Analytics in Hamilton is a tool that provides a lot of useful information for the average small business with a digital presence. In a nutshell, it serves up a ton of data on how visitors and prospects find and interact with what you’ve got to sell.

It’s a great way to get a good overview of what needs to be changed as far as digital marketing goes and what’s working well. For example, this tool can show you how many visitors you’re getting on specific webpages and how long they stay on each one.

Keyword Performance

Not only that, you’ll be able to see where the visitors to your website live and how your keywords are performing.  Zinger Web Design is dedicated to making sure that your website is successful and your rankings on upward trajectories with all the search engines.

All of the SEO plans we offer include Google Analytics.

There are several excellent reports included with our Google Analytics in Hamilton services. First and foremost is one that offers real time data about how prospects and visitors are navigating through your website.

There are a few reports that are indispensable in the Real-Time tool. These include:

  • Locations shows where different visitors to your website are located. The data is displayed graphically . It also reports on the pages they are currently on and how long they’ve been browsing.
  • One of the other important reports is about the content on your website. This even goes so far as to show how many visitors are active on any specific page.

There are several other reports we work with when you hire us for these Google Analytics in Hamilton services. They include data on acquisitions in your audience as well as conversions and general visitor behavior.

Other Reports

There are several interesting metrics in the Audience Report that we use to help tweak any of your existing digital marketing campaigns. For example, there is a section that highlights the active users. This measures the people who are visiting your website in real time and up to the last 30 days.

The Most From WordPress Web Design

Overall, using this kind of analytics is a great way to get the most from any digital marketing and WordPress website design. Getting these reports is a great way of finding out how effective your strategies are and where you need to make improvements to reach business goals

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