Why Should You Choose WordPress for Your Small Business Website?

Starting the process of creating a website for your small business is a long daunting process. Choosing Wordpress to create your website will help make this process more manageable. While there are many website platforms out there that boast "easy to use", or "easy to create" websites, WordPress tops the lists by experts as the real deal.

So, why is WordPress top rated by small business owners and developers?

1. Easy-to-use CMS (Content Management System): Most small business owners are not versed in HTML and updating content on a website. With WordPress you do not need HTML or coding skills in order to upload new web pages and edit current pages of the site. This can be the difference between managing the website yourself and having to pay a developer every time you need a small change made to the website.

2. Themes: There are thousands of free and premium WordPress theme’s available for you to choose from when designing your website. You can even choose a free theme to get you started and make changes or upgrade your theme later. If you want to customize further, there are developers that specialize in created custom WordPress themes for small business websites.

3. Plugins: If you have a need for something in particular on your website, there is most likely a WordPress plugin that can help you achieve that. With plugins you can add functions such as a contact us form, a PayPal link, or SEO.

4. SEO Friendly: WordPress makes it easy to optimize your website for the Search Engines. This means that it will be easier to rank for keywords that you’re targeting. You can use a plugin for this purpose, but you can also edit each page to create unique title tags and identify keywords you’re looking to target.

5. Flexible: WordPress is about as flexible as websites come. You can have a website as small as a one-page blog or create a large website to support a growing business. Some of the largest websites on the internet use WordPress (www.newyorker.com, www.bestbuy.com). This is ideal for small business as you can start the website basic and add more pages and plugins as you develop your business.

With any website platform it may be advised that a developer create the site for you. This will ensure all of the initial content pages and plugins are set up correctly, however WordPress makes it easy for almost anyone to handle the day-to-day management of a site. One of the reasons thousands of small business owners in Canada use WordPress is for the community help and care that comes along with be a part of the WordPress community.

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