Top Web Design Mistakes

In 2014 there were a lot of web design enhancements that have come into the market. Some of these "enhancements" helped improve the look and feel of your website making it more appealing to potential customers and clients, and some of these "enhancements" will harm your website instead of helping.
  1. Flash Website Designs: This is a number one mistake that a lot of web designers make. Yes, flash websites can provide a beautiful website with a lot of moving parts on the landing page that showcases beautiful images. But that right there is where the pro’s of a flash website usually end. Flash websites are very restrictive in terms of what can be done on the back end. They are also unfriendly to Search Engine Optimization which helps your website be found in the search engines such as Google. What is the point of a beautiful website if nobody will ever find it?
  1. Auto Playing Video’s and Sounds: It is nice to have a video on your home page of your website. However if it is set up to automatically play, you’re in for a higher bounce rate from your page. Viewers of your website will often get distracted by this video that automatically plays and will spend a few seconds trying to stop it and if they can’t, they will probably just leave the website. If you want a video on your page make it the viewer’s decision to actually play the video!
  1. Not having a mobile friendly version of your website:  More than ever people are searching for websites from a mobile device (Google recently released that it is about 50% of traffic). If your website is not designed to fit on all devices you are losing out on a huge market. If people have to pinch and move around a website on their phone, they are just going to leave your website and find a competitor that has a website that they can view!
  1. Pop-ups:  You want the person coming to your website to perform an action. You think it might make it easier for them to do so by serving them up a pop-up box asking them to perform an action. Wrong! It’s like interrupting someone when they are ready a good book to tell them about the sequel to the book. It’s better to let that person read the content through complete and have an action for them to perform at the bottom!
  1. Confusing Navigation:  People coming to your website want to learn about your company and find out what you can do for them. Keep it simple. Provide a navigation that makes sense to the average viewer. Also make sure you include a search bar for the view to look for something that they might not be able to find quickly.

If you need help with a new website, with your existing WordPress website, or meed managed hosting and site maintenance, contact us at Zinger Web Design today!

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