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The Best WordPress Website Design in Hamilton Navigation Plugins and Why You Need Them

Good WordPress website design in Hamilton takes the goods and services you’ve got to sell and places them in front of your target market. A carefully crafted website is just as important today as a slick business card was when brick and mortar dominated. As you might imagine, there’s a few big differences in cyberspace. Having user friendly website navigation is one since getting this right leads to more sales

Here’s just a few of the best WordPress navigation plugins online business needs to know about. These are great tools for great navigation.


The idea for any menu is that it should be clean looking and powerful. You want visitors to get to where they want to go quickly and easily. This plug-in allows for custom panels and images. We can either build a minimal menu or a feature rich one that still looks simple and uncluttered using Superfly. What’s more, we can use other tools like this to make your vision a reality.

We always suggest that the key to building an excellent navigation menu is to keep it as simple as possible. This is one of the plugins that helps accomplish that goal.

Keep in mind that there’s a host of web designers selling templates that don’t speak to your unique business proposition. Zinger Web Design has an excellent history of designing professional cutting-edge WordPress websites from scratch. Everything we do for you is original and caters to your unique business requirements.

Hero Menu

WordPress Website Design in Hamilton navigation plugins need to be flexible too. It’s part of our commitment to your individual business needs and the big reason we’ve mentioned this option. This plug-in offers six different types of content that you can add to navigation menus including video, forms and lists as well as maps.

There’s a feature here of special interest to small businesses coming out with new products. An additional option allows for an extra bold menu to sit on top of an existing one to draw attention to product releases.

Mobile Devices

Here’s another important idea entrepreneurs need to keep in mind. Over half of web traffic comes from mobile devices in today’s markets. Zinger Web Design stays on top of all the trends that matter to business. That’s why all the websites we develop are fully responsive and designed with mobile usability in mind.

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