Is Search Engine Optimization Still Relevant?

Keywords and Google-Friendly Content

Once upon a time, search engine optimization developers stuffed keywords willy-nilly into web content in the hopes that higher keyword densities would sway search engine spiders and earn the page a higher rank in Google search results. Once, that worked, but no longer. Google’s gotten smarter about how it indexes pages, as well as how it determines what’s a good page and what should be avoided by consumers. That’s actually good news, both for your business and your customers.

With Google’s Panda and Penguin updates (including all the refinements and rereleases of those updates), the world of Internet search has improved. The thing to understand here is that keywords are still vitally important. Without them, Google’s spiders have no way to determine what your site’s about, what content you offer human searchers or a way to rank your page. Smart search engine optimization is the key here – stuffing keywords is no longer acceptable, but you still need to pepper them throughout your page content, Meta information, post tags and elsewhere.

What Density Is Appropriate?

Keyword density is a term used to refer to the number of times a keyword or keyword phrase appears within a specific number of words. Old-school search engine optimization held that more was better. Today, Google encourages marketers to be a bit more judicious in their use of keywords (sometimes forcibly). Natural keyword density is the ideal option. This works out to something like one keyword appearance per 100 words or so, but provides sufficient density for spiders to locate, index and rank sites appropriately while ensuring that the content is actually fit for human consumption.

For businesses hoping to maximize online visibility while not incurring the wrath of Google, the most important thing is to locate SEO services in Burlington that adhere to modern SEO practices, not those of yesteryear.

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