Frequently Asked Questions About Choosing a Web Designer

You have, or are starting a business, what is the one of the first things you need to make your business plan successful? A Website. Unless you are already a web designer & developer you will want to look into hiring a professional to create the website for you.

Professional web developers are experienced in web design, development & have vast knowledge about what web design will work for your business. However, there is a lot of competition out there looking for your business. Make choosing the right web designer easier for you by asking them these 5 questions:

Frequently Asked Questions About Choosing A Web Designer

    1. Why should I use a professional web designer?  Web design and development is a long process. If you hire an expert it will end up saving you time and money. There are a lot of “do-it-yourself” templates out there on the internet these days but in order to get a professional, easy to use website, it is best to hire someone to complete the website for you. Web designers can help point out your business objectives with the website as well as having the website complete a lot quicker than if you try to do this yourself. A professional website will also be a search engine friendly website. You want a nice professional looking website, but there isn’t much use for that unless it can be found on the internet. Most professional web designers will set the website up to be SEO friendly.
    2. Can I manage the website myself after launch?  Most web designers will prefer you take over the maintenance of the website after launch. A good developer will walk you through the back-end of the site and show you the website basics so that you can manage it yourself.
    3. Can I help choose the web design?  Of course! It’s your business that you’re putting out there, you will want a say in the look and feel of the website. A lot of web designers will have a portfolio for you to look at before the development process begins. You will want the website to have your branding and a customized design that boasts your business.
    4. What should I expect to pay for a website?  What you should expect to pay for a website will depend on your objectives for the website. A basic website with few pages and optimization can be extremely affordable. If you are looking for a more complex website with a lot of plug-ins it will be more expensive. It is important to clearly identify these goals in the initial talks with your web design company.
    5. Will the web design help me get more customers?  Your web design should show your viewers that you are a professional business that is trustworthy. A web designer will be knowledgeable about what should be included to show you are a trusted brand (social signals, awards). It is also important to have your web pages conversion optimized.  Make sure that the viewer knows which action they should be taking next.

A great web design company or independent contractor will be open to discussing all of the above questions and more. You must make sure you are comfortable with the person taking on your website as a project and that the relationship has expectation laid out by both parties involved. A lot of great working relationships have sprung from companies and their web designers!  Just make sure you do your research before committing to a company.

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