The Downside of Flash Websites

We've all seen those really cool flash websites popping up here and there on the internet. They can look great because they have an added bonus of a flashy website. The graphics can be extremely eye-catching and impressive. If you're a business owner considering a flash website, keep reading this article before making your decision. While the look of a website is very important from a usability stand point, you want to make sure that a flash website will be helping your business instead of hindering it.

The top 5 downsides of flash website are below:

1. Creating and maintaining the website is tricky work. You will need to get a professional flash designer to create the website and then you will most likely have to pay them when you want changes to the website done. If you are prepared to take some courses and training on flash in order to manage the site, then this option might still be feasible. Just be prepared for the hourly rates of your designer after the main project is complete!

2. When you are putting up a website for your business you will want people to find you in the search engines. This is extremely important to create new business. Flash websites can harm your chances of ranking in the popular search engines such as Google. A lot of flash websites are created on only a few URL’s. This means there are less actual pages to the site than you might think. A drop down on a page may have a list of topics but it is all housed on one page. This is a HUGE problem as you cannot optimize each page and the search engines will become confused about when the pages are about.

3. Content is king – but not necessarily with flash sites yet. Most of the text on a flash website is images. This is a huge problem as the search engines are asking for content and you are giving them images.

4. If you can get people to your Flash website, you will next need to deal with a potential problem as soon as they get there. Flash websites have more glitz and glamour, but what come along with it is the chances for the page to not load as quickly or look as it should. I know many times I have landing on a flash website only to be held up watching the page load. Even if the website has something cool for you to watch during this time, this is BAD. It’s the internet, you want to control how quickly you go through a website, and flash websites are proven to have a higher bounce rate than most websites. A higher bounce rate simply means the traffic didn’t stick around through your flash show to find out more.

5. Now someone is on your website and it is working flawlessly, they enjoy the website design and are readying content. They look around to find the call to action (what they should do next), struggle and leave the page. Flash websites can be distracting and too busy to lay out what the viewer should be doing next!

It boils down to your business. Some websites are going to be receiving most of their traffic through direct means. Not the search engines. In that case you will have no problem with the lack of rank in Google. Also, sometimes you really need to have the glamour to your website. I have yet to find the perfect example of a business being better off with a Flash website, but I’m on the hunt!

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