Among Other Things, There Are Many Benefits of Product and Services Pages on Your Website

The biggest mistake that a small business owner will make when planning out the navigation and structure of their website is to do it with their own mindset and knowledge of the industry and business they are trying to promote.  You want to get into the mind of the actual person that will be coming to your website looking for information which is why there are benefits of product and services pages on your website.

The Benefits of product and services pages on your website are many. Your first instinct might be to make sure that your home page has all of the information you have to offer about all of your products and services. In some industry’s this is the correct approach. For most industries that offer several services or products this would be the wrong approach. You want to make sure that a visitor to your website is getting the best user experience within the first few seconds on your web page. You don’t want to make them read through a lot of information to find the answers they are looking for. The best way to do this for your user is to ensure you have separate pages for all of your products and/or services.

There are three simple things you will want on each product or service webpage:

  1. Trust:  As soon as the user lands on your page, you have to make them trust you. Do this by having trust signals clear on the website. This could be in terms of any awards your business may have received, social buttons, anything that shows you are a legit serious business that is credible. Might help to have a few testimonials at the bottom as well!
  1. Unique, keyword related content:  Make sure that your users have content to read about the product and service that is unique and interesting. It’s a bonus to have the keywords that they might have been searching for in the content so it relates to them directly. A very important part of this is to include visuals for them to look at as well.
  1. Give the user their next action to take:  Once they trust you and know you have what they want, guide them to the next step to take. If you want their contact information make sure there’s a form for them to fill out to contact you. Always, always, always include a phone number even if you’d prefer to have their information first. You could lose their business by not having a phone number prominent on the page. If you want them to make a purchase then give them the option to “Buy Now!”. Don’t be too pushy about this, but make sure they know the option is there.

If you do this, there are two major benefits:

  1. Great user experience:  This will ensure that the traffic that gets to your page will find what they want right away and know what to do when they get there.
  1. More visibility within the search engines:  This is especially important with the keyword related content. Tell the search engines what the page is about by know which keywords your users are searching for and using them in the content on the page.  These are just a few of the benefits of product and services pages on your website.
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