Why Use a Landing Page for Your AdWords Campaign

You have a website that is performing as it should be for your business, but do you have a specific adwords landing page? It is capturing some organic traffic and provides information to those who already know of your business and seek you out. Everything is going “okay”. You may have even done some research to figure out that maybe some online advertising is the best route for your business right now. This is probably a great solution. It could also turn out to be a very costly waste of time if you don’t approach this right.

First you need to figure out what your marketing objectives are. Do you want more online sales to come from your website? Or maybe you want people to give you their information so you can turn this contact into a lead for potential business. Once you have this down you can start working towards your goal.

If you’re going for online advertising, the most popular form is an AdWords campaign with Google. This gives you the ability to bid for the keywords you want to target. It’s more complicated than that though and I would always recommend talking to a specialist in this area to at least help get you started and teach you the ropes! I have seen horror stories of people setting bids to high and Google charging $50+ dollars for one click on an advertisement.

The next thing you will need to decide is where to send the traffic once they click on your advertisement. If you run an e-commerce website or a website with hundreds of products to be purchased right from the site, then I would recommend targeting keywords and sending the traffic straight through to that specific adwords landing page on the website. However, a lot of businesses will benefit from an “Adwords Landing Page” as the place to send traffic to after clicking on an advertisement.

A landing page is a clean and clear page with well strategized conversion points. They are usually proven to send more leads (check with the developer that they have been researched). The landing page should focus on one product or service or very similar related ones. This ensures that the campaign sends users to a page that is optimal to their search in Google. These pages usually are not actually part of the main website but it can be used as a gateway to the full version of the website. So if the user wants more information they have the option of going to your website. This is secondary to the main point of a website. The main point is to have all-to-actions that are clear to the user and can get you leads as quickly as possible.

Adwords landing pages are also a great way to get leads to your business while you’re working on your website. If you feel like your website needs a “face-lift” and you want to send traffic to an alternative option, this is it. Adwords landing pages can be a relatively cheap alternative to a full website when you are using it for lead generation (will not work well for ranking in search engines).

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